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bird chair

  • Seat-Only Pad $149
  • Full Cover *NA
  • Ottoman $149

NA = currently not available

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Classic Naugahyde


The original 1950s Bertoia wire chairs used upholstery made from a plastic wonder material lovingly referred to as "pleather", a name derived from plastic leather. Developed in 1936 by the U.S. Rubber Company (later renamed Uniroyal) it was the first of many artificial leather products to be marketed as alternatives to cowhide upholstery. In fact, the name "Naugahyde" comes from the town of Naugatuck, Connecticut, where it was first produced. We use an eco-friendly version of this "pleather" material manufactured by Willowtex. They call it "IZIT Leather" and it is a modern wonder material in it's own right; inherently resistant to moisture, ultraviolet rays, and excessive hot and cold temperature variations. That means It is suitable for outdoor use and exposure to weather, in fact, one of Willowtex's primary markets is the yachting industry where the upholstery is exposed to wind and rain on a daily basis.

Upholstery Description:

The "seat-only" pad for the Bird Chair measures 29" wide and 19" front to back. It covers the seat portion of the chair. Each pad is made with a 1/2" thick extra-firm foam pad with a premium-quality textile of your choosing on the top upholstered surface and a tough black canvas on the bottom surface that helps protect the pad from wear and tear against the wire seat. An attachment wire with hooks on either end runs through the front of the pad and a single black nylon strap with a velcro closure is located at the back of the pad. These two fasteners allow a user to securely fasten the pad to the wire chair. The wire runs inside the front edge of the pad and hooks to the wires on the bottom of the chair (you can't see the attachment unless you look underneath).

The "full cover" for the Bird Chair is not currently offered on this website. Only Knoll has the specialized equipment to properly adhere the shaped upholstery to the foam shell.

The "ottoman" for the Bird Chair measures 16" wide and 26" long. It includes a monofilament cable with hooks on either end to secure the pad to the wires of the ottoman. The wire runs inside the bottom edge of the pad and hooks to the wires on the bottom of the ottoman (you can't see the attachment unless you look underneath).

Textile Characteristics:

Recycled polyester backing with a polyurethane topcoat.
Maintenance: Clean with mild soap and water.
IZIT Leather does not use solvent chemicals (VOCs) or ozone depleting chemicals (ODCs).
Location of Manufacture: Mt. Airy, North Carolina, USA

"In stock" lead time is 5-7 business days. "Material on hand" orders require 1 week for fabrication plus delivery, 2 weeks total. "Custom" orders require extra lead time to procure materials, allow up to 4 weeks total turn around time. No returns on custom orders. *NA = Currently not available.

Please note, we do not sell chairs. We only sell upholstery. All prices are for upholstery only.